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Best websites

All web designers aspire to be the best they can be in a field full of such amazing talent. I am no exception, so I wanted to put 5 of my most favourite websites that have ever graced the World Wide Web. (Well in my opinion)

IWC Schaffhausen

The first website in my list is IWC Schaffhausen an amazing website to showcase these incredible watches. Everything on this website I love starting from the fabulous navigation, to the toggle slider for the front and rear view of the watches.

This website was created by the great team at Odopod

View the IWC Website


I have always loved dark websites but one of my favourites of all time is DonQrum. This website looks so slick it is ridiculous! The bright vibrant colours of the cocktails with the dark background just looks stunning.

Again this website was created by Odopod


View the DonQ Website


The next website is made in Flash…. Yes I said Flash! But this companies creative flair and skills are on another level. The company is called 2Advanced and their client list is longer than the waiting list for a season ticket at Anfield.

They have recently updated their website but both versions were simply amazing.


View the 2Advanced Website

Marie Brizard

Another drinks website called Marie Brizard has made it in to my top 5 websites, even though I am T-total! I just love the use of pale pastel colours and the functionality, this website has so much going on but is never too much to put you off.

Marie Brizard

View the Marie Brizard Website

Colin Grist

The last website on my list is a great minimalist website. They say some times less is more, well I feel that is the case for Colin Grist’s portfolio. Colin makes great use of the Parallax slider and navigation effect. This is the only responsive website in my list.

Colin Grist

View Colin Grist Website

Well that is a few of my favourite websites, I would love to know your views on my choices and what are your favourite websites?

Feel free to leave your comments in the box below.