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Google Webmaster tools; Crawl errors

One thing that may affect your website performance in search engines is broken pages within your website. In this post I will show you how to work out if your website is suffering with pages not found, and how to …

wordpress website checklist

WordPress website checklist

We all know the great powers of WordPress, it is one of the most used and powerful blogging platforms out there. It also boasts the most helpful support community out there and endless plugins to enhance your WordPress website, why …

Extra revenue streams

Generating extra revenue from websites

As with all businesses creating extra revenue streams is a good thing and that is why here at Web designers London we have decided to start selling web design goods on line. We have also been deciding whether to sell …


Google’s Disavow tool, good or bad?

Google has announced the release of the Disavow tool, for those who are unaware this tool can be used to tell Google that there is an external link pointing to your site that will not drop your link after kindly …

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Those quiet days as a web designer

I’m pretty sure every freelance web designer has had those periods where they have just finished their last project; all is well we update our portfolio page…then what? Well we know the wait for our next project could take any …


Choosing a Domain name

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a few blogs for SEO (search engine optimisation) to give you tips and good advice on all matters relating to getting the right keywords for your web site all the way …

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