Choosing a Domain name

written by Web designers London on September 19, 2012 in SEO with 2 comments


Over the next few weeks I will be posting a few blogs for SEO (search engine optimisation) to give you tips and good advice on all matters relating to getting the right keywords for your web site all the way to making sure you have a fit and healthy web site that is Google and web friendly.

SEO in a nut shell: SEO is the way you make your web site found on the web whether it is from being on page 1 of Google for a pacific keyword or being recommended by another highly rated web site. It all boils down generating traffic to your site and ensuring the visitor does what he/she is meant to.

I think I will stick to the beginning and that means choosing your domain name this is the address to your site e.g. . People really underestimate the importance this has to SEO to me it is as important as a good well built site.

When I get a client I find out what their business is for and get a better understanding of the potential clients that will want their service. I ask myself what would I type into Google and write down the first five phrases that come in to my head.

For example say I was approached by a graphic designer in London and she wanted a name that was easy to remember and will help in any way for doing well in Google.

Firstly I would use the Google keyword tool and type a few phrases

adwords tools

I would then look for the phrase that has the highest monthly searches in this case it is graphic design London.


I would then check out the competition to see whether it is a key phrase worth going for i.e. for that keyword the competition may be too much and unless your client is willing to chuck buckets of money at you.

You want a keyword domain name that is heavily searched and easy to roll off the tongue for example you pass someone that you know would benefit from your site when you try and say your site name it needs to be catchy like but when I use to have to say creative web [hyphen] design .com it becomes a right pain :( (I know)

I would then go to a domain checker like Godaddy and put my phrase in the search and see what comes up. Or you can try our domain checker.


If it is not available then I start typing the words slightly different e.g. London graphic designer or maybe graphic design in London try these in (.com .co .net) usually I find perseverance does pay off in the end (fingers crossed). Hopefully you find one that matches all your needs then register you name. Please note when registering your name pay for 24 months or longer Google will behave kinder shall we say then if it was less than a year to expire……HAPPY HUNTING! :)