Creating a logo in Photoshop

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logo design creation

Before I start I am fully aware there will be the odd designer out there frowning that I have not used Illustrator, but Photoshop suited my needs for this post.

Recently I wrote an article about logo design inspiration and thought I would put an in depth Photoshop tutorial from the design stage, to the fully completed logo. So before I could begin I needed a fake company to create a logo for. After a few ideas I decided to design a logo for my made up company “Lemon Maze Studios” below is final logo design.

logo design

So Let’s begin, firstly we have to use our trusty paper and pencil and put together a few ideas. I decided to go with the design below


Once we have the draft of our logo design we need to open up Photoshop, we need to create a new file. We start with our blank document using the pen tool we need to draw out the outline of our lemon. Once you have completed the outline you press CTRL + ENTER together to bring up the marching ants. You then press CRTL + BACKSPACE to fill our selection with our background colour.

On a separate layer using the rectangle marquee tool I drew out the maze and filled this with our background colour.

Logo design

I will concentrate on the lemon first, so working on the lemon layer using the layer FX option we have filled our lemon will a bright yellow using the colour overlay FX. I then added a 9 pixel white stroke and set the position to inside.

I then duplicated the layer by pressing CTRL + J I then clicked on the bottom lemon layer and then double clicked on the FX icon to bring up the FXs panel, I changed the position of the stroke to outside and changed the colour to black.

logo design

I then wanted to add a few effects to the lemon to give it a little pop off the page rather than having a plain yellow.
Firstly I added a shadow, this was done by holding CTRL and clicking on the lemon layer this is to bring up the marching ants. You then need to click on the SELECT tab in the top menu then click MODIFY the amount of pixels depends on the size of the white inside stroke, then create a new layer.

On your new layer using the linear Gradient tool and selecting foreground colour to transparent, choose a darker yellow as the foreground colour. Then follow the gradient from bottom left to top right as shown in the image below.

logo design

I then done the same to give the lemon a highlight but using white as the foreground and running the gradient from top right to bottom left, I gave the highlight a little Gaussian blur.
I also added some dots using the same colour as the shadow you can see how it turned out below.

logo design

I added the maze I created earlier to the image of the lemon, I added a dark yellow stroke to make the maze stand out. I also used the pen tool to create the green stork for the top of the logo.

logo design

After that I added the text to the logo design, I tried a few different fonts and layouts. For LEMON I used the font Nevis and Gotham Bold for the word MAZE, I gave the text a 2 pixel stroke of a light Brown.

I also added a radial background to the logo plus a few circles to finish it off.

logo design


When it comes to logo design it is best to keep things simple, it is very easily to complicate things and add details which are not needed. I stuck to the 4 colours rule, which in my previous blog post about logo design inspiration seemed to be the right way to go.

I think it would be a good idea if we think of a few more fake company names and select a name by a vote and have a little design contest and see what we come up with.