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Dealing with a web design quote

written by Web designers London on September 20, 2012 in Web design with 7 comments


Firstly before I write this post I have to say this would not be possible without the help and advice of one of the great web design bloggers Rob Cubbon.

I receive a lot of quotes from people who need some form of web design service and usually the email is pretty vague to say the least. Here is an example of one I received a while back:
�Could you please give me more details, about your website development and creative design work. Your charges, how long does it take, and what exactly you do. Some more details would be nice.�

Now the first thing I noticed about this email is either the potential client did not go through my site properly to gather more information for themselves, or my website is not as user friendly as I thought. One solution for this was I placed a “price guide from” on the home page that is impossible to miss.


Bear in mind this potential client has sent multiple emails too many web design firms so firstly your response has got to grab their attention. I always start by thanking them for their interest and let them know you would be happy to work WITH them.

We work on the principle to gather as much information out of them as possible before you even think about a price for the work in hand. As many web designers know, to give a fair and accurate web design quote we need to know pretty much everything that your potential client is after. That way you can draw up a quote that has a list of all you plan to do and break each section up with the price for each. Not forgetting to add any additional work will be charged accordingly.

I always find asking the client if there are any web sites that they like the look of or any specific features that they think will work well on their site is always a help. Sometimes your vision of how the web site should look may not always be right for the client so getting ideas will make looking at the blank canvas a little less daunting if you have an inkling of what road you should be going down design wise. I also feel it does no harm looking at their competitors to see what they are doing.

The more you can get the client involved through the web design process the better, after all they are the ones paying for the work and it should cut down the number of design revisions which will save time for all in the long run. If you feel your client is on the wrong path I have never shied away from telling them that but only in a polite manner backing up your views with credible explanations but the final say is always with the client (if down the line you have a �told you so� moment you just charge more for whatever alterations are needed).

I always put my telephone details and offer a call back system as emails can easily be miss read and by phone you can get more of the information you need.

I am going to keep this blog open as I may add more later. I really hope I get some web designers out there to add their own views and web design quote stories……