Do we have privacy?

written by Web designers London on September 19, 2012 in Real world with no comments


Ok so we create an account on face book it’s all fun for a while we catch up with old friends find it hard to avoid new ones and display our life for all to see and sometimes be judged. It is now as common as waking up putting GMTV on or browsing the headlines in a national newspaper on the way to work.

The main difference is the only way you can observe the life’s of others is by displaying our own too for which I personally display a mere 8%. And for that measly 8% I’m entitled to view some of the most personal tiny fragments of someone’s personal life (all depending on how much they choose to reveal)

But every now and then a news story will pop up and sink back down to the rest of the stories we should know about. But it all happened so quickly! For example there was a story about FaceBook and its new face recognition software. It was as if the news people tried to warn the people (in a condemning FaceBook) kind of way. Then the story fizzles out and not long forgotten.

Then I recall the slamming of Apple regarding an auto complete tracking system that follows your every move…..BUT not to worry you have the option to switch it off. Ok that sounds fair enough after all it is such a techno advanced marvel and some may be willing to exchange a little privacy for “the coolest toy in town” I guess my question is of all the Iphone users how many people actually only found out about it through the “BREAKING NEWS REPORT”?

DOUGH “umm excuse me did I just miss something”? Are we not entitled to be ASKED whether we wish this to happen? Or should we of read the small (Long, confusing shut the F#@K up) print? I just wanna click “AGREE” and get to why I done all this in the first place! Or just keep quiet and be good little eaters?

But when you step back and think “Technaly & (I guess) legally” we are entering a contract to which we are “AGREEING” to all of their terms & Conditions whatever the hell they may be. Could they change the terms and who the hell would notice?

For example when I signed up I’m pretty sure face recognition was not about as in the person who drew up the contract for FaceBook I bet he did not think “Oh..I best add that just encase it happens”. So either we scroll though every contract we agree too with a fine tooth comb or we live in ignorance and trust them because they are wearing a smiley face! With the understanding of the law that a contract must be transparent and both joining parties must be fully aware of the agreement! Ok reality calling nobody does that and it soon becomes mumbo-jumbo after the first few letters anyway.

I hear the response in my head “what does it matter”? Or “who cares they aren’t bothering me”. Well if companies can do this what else can they do? And will we find out? And more to the point will we do anything about it? If we ever found out. Probably not! :(

I feel the questions need to be asked

Just how safe are our details?

Where do are details really go?

Who is watching us? (And who are watching the watchers?)

Should we be worried about all our info out there?

So feel free to maybe answer the questions or explain to why they do not need to be answered and that I am just a paranoid nut!….PEACE