Do you meetup?

written by Web designers London on July 16, 2013 in Real world with no comments


One of the biggest negative things about working from home is the isolation and the lack of (real) human interaction you have. The internet has become over the years a massive way of life to a lot of people including myself. It is my source of income and my social outlet to which I communicate to a lot of friends and acquaintances with online.

I have recently been introduced to a meet up group called this is a great website where you can search for topics that appeal to you and find people with similar interests who regular meet up and discuss matters on the subject.

I have only done one meet up in London which is a great group run by a friend of mine Rob Cubbon who is an excellent web marketer. Rob has been on many meet ups and found them helpful so he decided to start his own called London Entrepreneur Support group meetup.

The meet up is set for every second Tuesday of the month and is aimed for people who run their own businesses or are looking to leave the rat race and start their own company. The meet up was in the upstairs of a lovely little pub in Victoria, 17 people turned up and it was full of all sorts of people who have their own particular skill set.

Overall the meet up went really well I meet some new and interesting people who could help me out with my business and hopefully I can add help and advice to theirs. I think the main thing I got out of it was I got out of the house and had a good time meeting new and interesting people.

So have you been to any meet ups recently or do you run your own? I would love to hear about any experiences you may of had through these meet up groups.