Free online tools to check your websites performance

written by Web designers London on November 15, 2012 in Freebies and SEO and Web design with no comments


I have always said as web designers and developers whenever we get a new project before pen hits paper we need to make sure we have 4 main things in mind.

The design: how it will look I always set my aim to produce work good enough for web design awards (providing the budget allows me) such as these.

The usability of the website: for this I put my mind in the head of the potential client that the website is aimed for and working out what is the best way to do things.

The best framework for the website: every project is different and has different needs so for the clients who want a simple little site to get their message out I will not charge extra for CMS platforms that they do not need.

SEO: Now whether your or not you are providing SEO services in your project you should always have SEO in mind for every project to give it the best possible chance in the world of search engine supremacy.


So once your website is live and settled there are a few handy tools out there to give you a better understanding of your website performance and just what is going on. So I have put together a list of free website performance tools.

First thing I would recommend is to insert Google Analytics to your website this is quick and easy process of adding some code to the bottom of your website. This tool is a must to track the visits to your website and to see how they arrived at your site, plus what they done when they got there.

Google anyilitics

Next thing to do is to add your website to Google webmasters tool, again this is a easy process of just adding a verification code to the head of your website. This tool is best used for finding out search queries and your ranking for them. It also gives your website a health check so you can see what errors there are. My only negative thing is you may get a message for an error that will harm your websites performance but there no way of contacting Google to delve deeper into the matters, just a forum that is not guaranteed to resolve any issues you may be having.

There are also a lot of independent analyzer tools which are great in finding faults with your website that you may of missed or over looked. They are also handy in checking your competitors websites.

Hubspot Marketing Grader

The first one is a tool by Hubspot which grades your website out of 100 and explains where improvements can be made.


Metafever Free SEO Report

This Metafever produces a free SEO report which finds issues with matters relating to your website. It lists the issues in 3 forms depending in the severity of the issues.

Metafever free SEO Tool

Free SEO Report

This report comes as a downloadable PDF and takes a bit longer to set up than the other 2 but allows you to check keywords you are targeting, plus also shows your main competitors going for the same keywords. Email registration is required.

free seo report

There are other tools out there but these are the ones I have used and felt I got some benefit from. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below.