Generating extra revenue from websites

written by Web designers London on May 13, 2013 in SEO and Tutorials and Web design with no comments

Extra revenue streams
As with all businesses creating extra revenue streams is a good thing and that is why here at Web designers London we have decided to start selling web design goods on line. We have also been deciding whether to sell our soul to the world on online advertising.

As all web design companies know, you are really busy with multiple projects on the go at any one time, or your work load has slowed down but the bills still keep coming. We have decided to put a plan of action in to generate a steady stream of income.

So below I have put a few ideas together to help you create extra income from your web business.

Sell advertising space on your website


If you have a well established website and have a few spare free spaces lying about why not sell the space for adverts?

The first place to start would be Google Adsense, this is a service set up by Google where people who pay Google through Google adwords to set up a Pay Per Click campaigns.

To set up a Google Adsense account you first need a Google account, you then create a Google Adsense account. You set up your account details by receiving a small amount of funds from Google in to your bank account, you then type in the amount to verify your bank details (similar to the PayPal set up). You also have to verify your phone number and address by receiving pin numbers to confirm your details.

Once you are all set up you can go to your Google Adsense control panel and choose the type of adverts you wish to display. You also have the feature to block certain categories of ads e.g. Dating, Gambling and insurance. When you are happy you are given a block of code to insert in to your website and ready to start making money.

You get paid by visitors who click on an advert displayed on your website, the cost of the click depends on the how well your website is doing with Google position and how much traffic you have coming to your website.

How to get the most out of Google Adsense

There are people out there who are generating very good revenue through using Google Adsense. This is done by researching highly used keyword phrases using tools such as Google Adword tools. You then can set yourself up a hosting account and buy yourself a few good domain names, set up websites to rank well in search engines by writing good quality content. When your website is further up the rankings you can insert adverts on to the site and watch the money roll in.

Sell goods online

sellfyWhatever your profession there is always an opportunity to make money online by selling goods such as E-books and website templates so what are you waiting for?

Now with programmes such as it is super simple to sell your products online. Just create an account upload your products and your ready to start making money.

As we mentioned here at Web designers London we had just opened our very own web design shop. For now we are limited to the amount of stock we sell, but the doors are open and ready for business.
Building website templates is a great way to spend your time when your work has quietened down a bit, not only does it give you an opportunity to make extra income, it also keeps you busy and brushing up on your skills for your trade.

Building lives websites and selling them on

This process takes a long time to start seeing the financial benefits on returns. For this to be successful you can use the same process as finding good domain names as mentioned in selling advert space. Of course this is one of those reap what you sow kind of things, you need to spend quite a lot of time building you website up the rankings and building up your Page Rank. You also have the option of outsourcing the work to countries that offer their services at a lot lower cost.

You should also input adverts of the websites you are planning on selling and once you can show your website is generating a steady stream of revenue it will only make your website more valuable.

There are many websites out there designed to sell readymade websites such as Flippa and DigitalPoint


There are many ways out the that you can make your website work for you by generating extra revenue streams, some take longer than others but you will get in what you put out. We would love to hear any of your success stories on how you made your website generate other revenue streams.