Google’s Disavow tool, good or bad?

written by Web designers London on October 23, 2012 in SEO with no comments


Google has announced the release of the Disavow tool, for those who are unaware this tool can be used to tell Google that there is an external link pointing to your site that will not drop your link after kindly requesting the removal of the link. In the video below Matt Cutts (head of Google’s Web spam team) explains that this tool is a last resort and the majority of people will not need to use the Disavow tool.

Let’s go back in history and work out why such a tool is needed and is it a good or bad thing.

Back in the beginning of 2012 everything was going great, we was on page 1 for the key phrases “web design London” and “web designers London” plus a good few others. Then on April 24th Google released the Penguin update which saw our website drop dramatically.


The first thing we had to do was figure out why our website was picked out for the dreaded drop as we received no warning or message from Google. As we have never done any underhand tactics to get where we were, the only assumption we could come up with is we had bad links pointing to our website.

Ok well we have checked the links going into our website for our case we have around 2000 which is an awful lot to check for a few bad apples, but check we must! It is hard to see what websites are harming your site, so to know which links to have removed is a tricky one; as you do not want to remove links that are helping you; over time you get an idea which ones to remove. Now that you have identified the bad websites you now have to request the removal of your links but sadly your requests are not always herd Google’s Disavow tool to the rescue?

There are a lot of mixed feelings regarding the Disavow tool, I am hearing a lot of talk that this tool is a very bad thing and is a tool that can be used abusively against any websites that may not deserve it. I feel as Google knows the spammy websites and has a duty to name and shame which would ensure we are dropping the right links to our site.
You can find out more about the Google Disavow tool over here.

My personal feelings are Google has let down the honest hardworking web design companies amongst other companies that have done their best to ensure their website is up to scratch and have been SEO’ed to the guide lines, then are left to fend for themselves when Google has decided to change the complete game. My biggest gripe is the lack of accessibility to contact a human to get a more in detailed explanation of the issues you are facing and how best to resolve them.

TUT TUT Google!

Let us know your views and if you have used the Google Disavow tool.