Is Facebook promote any good?

written by Web designers London on March 4, 2013 in Tutorials and Web design with 2 comments

facebook promote

For those of you who have set your Facebook business page, if you have not, why not? For those who may need a hand I have set up a blog post about it making the most of your Facebook business page.

You may of noticed a few changes over the past few days and by that I mean, you can now promote your Facebook posts. So is this a good thing or not so good? Well what better way to find out than to try it. Of course this is not free, prices start from £4.00 and can go to whatever your budget can stretch too.

Recently I wrote a post called running a successful freelance web design business and as I got some good feedback from it and according to Facebook only 22 people saw my link to it, I thought it deserves a few for views than that; here is how the link to the post looked.
Facebook post

If you notice on the bottom of the post there is a new link called “promote”. When you click on it, you are greeted with a box saying “Reach more people by promoting your post”. There is also a price list drop down which explains the amount you spend to how many people should see your post.

To set up the promote your post simply click on the promote button and you are greeted with this box:

Facebook promote post

Here all you have to do is set you budget for this test I have paid £7.00 which states this post shall get from 6,000 to 11,000 views. You can pay via your credit card or strait from PayPal. Once you have done that just click promote post and you are all done.

Below is a slideshow of screen shots over the 3 days of promoting my post:

So I now have come to the end of my post promotion and my post has managed to reach 2,816 according to the Facebook promote stats. Of course the main question is what did these 2,816 people do when my sponsored link appeared on their Facebook page?
Well not much by the looks of it, from all those people only:

To be honest I was very disappointed with the final results, the questions I need to ask is why with so many reaches did my post not attract more attention?

Firstly was it the ad itself? The wording could of been more of an attention grabber. instead of writting:

We have just finished our latest post about how to run a successful web design business.

Maybe something like this would be more appealing:

Want to be a web designer? Don’t know where to start? Read now and learn how to run your web design business the right way!

Secondly who saw the ad? Where does the ad appear and who sees it? Well a few times it popped up on my own page, When the question is asked to Facebook this is the response:

“When you promote a post you’re making it easier to discover for the people in the post’s original audience. Promoting a post doesn’t change who can see it. Promoting moves the post higher in News Feed so the people you shared it with are likely to see it.

If someone has hidden posts by you or your Page, they may not see your promoted post in News Feed.”


If you are considering promoting you post from your Facebook business page, firstly make sure you have a large following, I mean the people who have liked your page because they are interested in what you have to say.

In my case I have 140 likes to my page, around 20% are friends that I have nagged in to liking my page. Around 10% are people that have randomly found my page and liked the page because of the content, the other 70% are business pages that have returned likes that have liked me. All of whom have business that may need some form of web design service, there is also the possibility they have shut off your feeds in their own news feed.

So final thought: build up your audience of people who follow you because they chose to and when you create a post worthy of spending money on to promote, Choose your wording carefully to attract the eye of the viewer to continue to your post.