Is it the end of the EU nonsense cookie law?

written by Web designers London on February 28, 2013 in Real world and Web design with 2 comments


Back in 2009 a shudder was felt throughout the web designing community of Europe. The powers that be, in this case the EU and the ICO, decided to create a new law that would have every website owner in Europe display to the viewer that the website they are using stores information in the form of cookies.

If compliance was not met you could face an £1000 fine and maybe even jail time. The UK website owners were giving 1 year to comply with this daft law and after that time you was officially BREAKING THE LAW!

I myself took part in none of this stupidity, the thought of having to go through all my websites I have created over the years and put a silly little annoying pop up box to ask permission to use cookies was just utter madness.

Over the time I noticed a few websites abiding to the law and displaying the use of cookies. Thankfully the majority including some very big names such as Google, Amazon and Facebook decided that this was a stupid law and refused to play ball.

The beginning of 2013 saw the end to this nonsense with the ICO removing their cookie law acceptance notice from their website.

I am still searching for a case where an individual was prosecuted, or was it all just a bad dream?