Making the most of your Facebook business page

written by Web designers London on February 23, 2013 in Tutorials with 2 comments

Facebook business page

Creating your Facebook business page

Facebook over the last year has become a marketers dream regarding what you can do to promote your business. There are simply millions of people logged on to Facebook, it is time to get your business out there for all of Facebook to see, so let’s begin.

First thing you need to do is register a business page, please note this cannot be done without your private profile being used to create the business page. Go to someone’s business page; mine for example just type in “web designers London” in to the search bar or simply click here
(feel free to like the page while you are there ). In the top right of the page you should see a button called create page just click on that.

Create page

You are then greeted with the create page main menu, from here just choose your business type. You are then asked to fill in your business details, once you have done that you then have the “set up my business” section here you can upload your profile picture plus a brief summary of your business. Don’t worry if you skip this section you can return later to fill this in.

Set up Facebook business page

Ok so now you have created your Facebook business page, you upload your profile picture and cover photo just as if it was your private profile. You will also notice you now have an admin panel with boxes like notifications, new likes and messages.

Creating tabs

Before you rush in to get as many likes as you can, later on in this post I will give you a few pointers on how to build up your Facebooks business page likes. Did you know you can now create your own inner pages on your Facebook business page just like navigation buttons on your website.

Facebook business page tabs

To get these added tabs for your Facebook business page you need to download and install an app called Static Html by Thunderpenny. Firstly we need to go to their Facebook page you can get there by clicking here.
Once there click on go to app.

Thunderpenny app

You are greeted by a box with a large blue button saying Add static HTML to a page go ahead and click on this. You are then asked what page you want to use the application on, click on the Facebook business page you have just created. Next click on Add static HTML:iframe tabs

Once you have done this you should return back to your Facebook business page now with an added tab called welcome with the Thunderpenny logo.

Welcome tab

Ok that is the StaticHTML now installed on your Facebook business page all we need to do now is start building the tabs we want on our Facebook business page.

Building our tabs

Below is a video on how to build your tabs

Ok that is the tabs created now to start creating the pages, to get started we need to click on the tab we have just created, this brings up our option panel. At the time of writing this post we have 5 options to choose from.

1. HTML – This is a HTML code editor that allows you to add HTML, CSS and JS code to your Facebook business page
2. IMAGE – Here you can add images to your Facebook business page
3. WEBSITE – Adding websites to your page allows you to insert an URL which then displays the live version of your website to your Facebook business page
4. DRAG AND DROP – This tab allows you to create multiple tabs to your Facebook business page
5. CONTACT – This tab allows you to let visitors contact you directly from this page



The HTML editor, for those of you who know HTML and CSS you should have no issues here. The only issues I found was using the CSS tab and I found it was best to add the CSS in style tags within the HTML code. From what I understand to use the image uploader costs a monthly subscription, so to add images I uploaded my images to my own web server and linked the images to the URL of the server.


The image tab let’s you place an image up instead of having text on your Facebook business page. I personally thought this way was the best to go because you can create yourself some banner images. If you need certain functionality such as PayPal buttons of course this would be no good.

If you do not have a version of Photoshop there are plenty of free image editing software out there such as Gimp. Of course we are happy to offer our services if you would like a custom Facebook business page, feel free to contact us.


The website tab is a way to insert your URL of the web page you want to display inside you Facebook business page. I did try this on a couple pages and the results were not great, I would stay away for this tab unless you don’t mind using horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
I am sure you could build your Facebook business page on another server and link it up using this method, but again you would be better off using the HTML tab.

The other 2 tabs require you to upgrade the app for them to work so sadly I have not done this and feel for the average business page there is no need to.


It is important to get as many likes as you can for your Facebook business page because you never know who maybe potential clients. First thing to do is get all your friends to like your page, even get them to ask their friends, you just never know where it will lead.

Another way to generate a lot of likes is to find other Facebook business pages who invite other Facebook business pages to post on their wall with your business details, other people see your business then go to your Facebook business page and like it. They then send you a message of where they have come from and you return the like. One particular good one is Hike those likes.


Make the most out of your Facebook business page! It is so simple to set up and it is free! (for now). Think of Facebook as an extension to you business but with a global reach and an unlimited number of potential clients.

But don’t think you can just build your Facebook business page and stick a few photos up and you have a worldwide audience. There are many ways to get your page liked on Facebook but the true way is to post regular great content which allows you to engage with your users.