Say no to the “Shiny shiny”

written by Web designers London on August 13, 2013 in Real world with 2 comments

the shiny shiny

In this current climate we are all looking to save a bit of money here and there. I thought I would start by looking at my outgoings and I noticed my phone bill at £34 per month. So I decided to start with this, currently I am with Orange and during my 2 year contract midway they decided to add an extra £4 to my bill as their costs have gone up. Since then I knew I no longer wanted to be with a company that can do as they please with your contract.
I decided to break down what I have now;
– HTC Desire S
– 24 month contact
– 500 minutes free per month
– 500 texts free per month
– 500 MB free of data per month
So I am tied to this deal for 2 years which has now run out, so to date I have giving Orange £816 of my hard earned pounds. If I was going to continue my contract with Orange or any network I would only do so with a better deal plus a free HTC ONE which neither was available, the cheapest contract was £36 per month and £55 for the phone. So let’s look at the pros and cons of this so called  “deal”
– Tied in to another 2 year contract.
– Will cost £864 over the 2 years.
– Have to pay for the phone which in 2 months will be given away free.
– Get a brand new shiny shiny.
So what’s the alternative? Well after a bit of searching online I found Virgin are offering a SIM only 30 day rolling contract which costs £12 per month. Ok so I don’t get one of the latest mobile phones on the market but I do get:
– 1200 free minutes per month.
– Unlimited texts per month.
– 1GB free data per month.
So if like me after 2 years your phone is still in good condition but your battery is empting fast, you can pick up a spare battery for around £20. I also spent an hour going through the phone deleting and uninstalling all the crap my phone acquired over the past 24 months.
Another issue I came across was the fact my HTC was locked to the Orange network, this issue was easily sorted by this very helpful website Cellunlocker All you have to do is enter your IEMI number plus your details along with $14 and after 5 minutes you are emailed a unlock code which opens your phone to all networks.
So now I have a fast phone I know very well with a brand new battery for the cost of £30, over the 2 year period I would of spent £288 which is a massive saving of £528 Plus I get more than double the minutes and texts I use to have.
For those of you who are thinking your phone won’t last the next few weeks let alone years, well with the money you will be saving you can treat yourself to a nearly new phone off Ebay for around £150.
I think you only have to read this post to realise phone companies are pulling our pants down on a daily basis regarding the price we pay and what we really get. I think you really need to break down the costs and what it is you are getting, Shop around for what you need rather than get it all from one place. I guess the question is how much do you really want the shiny shiny?