stopober is here!

written by Web designers London on October 3, 2012 in Real world with 4 comments

I have decided to give in to the media (and family) pressure and give this stoptober a go! For those who do not know stoptober is a scheme to not smoke for the 28 days of October.

I have been smoking for many years now and it has always been on my to-do list but every time I considered it, I always got stressed and winded up smoking more to relieve the stress of giving up.

I have tried many methods and potions in the past to rid myself of this horrid habit, I have to say the one I found which worked the best was the book Allen Carr’s Easy way to Stop Smoking. I read it and never even craved a smoke for over 2 weeks, then I had one of those “sod it” moments and one lead to two etc…

For this stoptober I have enlisted the help of Vapestick an electronic cigarette which is the closest there is to actually smoking. For those who are hoping to quit but are not ready for complete cold turkey Vapestick is worth a go.

So far no Cigarettes for 3 days! I’m hanging in there with the odd mood swings :/

*Quick update still no smokes! Been 8 days now 🙂