Super Simple CMS help

Below is a help guide to get your Super Simple CMS up and running in no time. Please make sure any files you want to be editable has the correct file permission.

Files you get with your Super Simple CMS package

The Super Simple CMS is super light weight at under 1MB

super simple cms files

Using Super Simple CMS

To use your Super Simple CMS firstly download your Super Simple CMS package, open up the editmysite.php file with your text editor and on line 15 choose your desired username and password. Then upload all the Super Simple CMS files to the root folder of your website.

On line 4 change the file type depending on whether your website pages are PHP or HTML.

Make web pages editable

To make any web page editable simply add the code <!–SSCMS-START-AREA-NAME–> to the beginning of the area you wish to make editable. You can use the AREA NAME to name that pacific editable area which will display in the admin editable area.

Then add <!–SSCMS-END–> at the end of the area you wish to make editable. You can this as many time as you like on any web page, just make sure change the name “AREA NAME” to whatever you choose.

super simple cms add code

Super Simple CMS admin area

To login to your Super Simple CMS admin panel go to you you will then be greeted with a login box, enter you username and password you created in your editmysite.php file.

You will then be greeted with your Super Simple CMS control panel. On the left hand side is the main control panel which contains your editable pages and your image manager. On the right you have your Super simple CMS editable page area, this is where you will manage the content on your web pages.

Super Simple CMS image manager

To use your Super Simple CMS image manager click on MANAGE IMAGES on the left hand side in the Super Simple CMS control panel, you can up load your images which upload to the folder sscmsimages on your server.

super simple cms image manager

Inserting an image in to you web page

Once you have inserted your images on to the web server they are now ready to enter in to your web page. When you are in the editable area of your Super Simple CMS and you wish to add one of your images from your image manager, on the WYSIWYG editor click on the image icon image icon.

You are then greeted with the insert image pop up box, here is where you can select and style your image.

super simple cms image pop

Once you have inserted you image, click save changes and you are done. All images upload to the folder SSCMSIMAGES.

Editing and updating your page

To edit and update your pages click on the page you want to edit on left side control panel under editable pages. You are the greeted with the editable areas available for that web page.

super simple cms area

Once you have finished editing your web page click on the SAVE CHANGES and your done.

Backing up your Super Simple CMS

Super Simple CMS automatically backs up your files to the folder SSCMSBACKUPS.

There we told you it was super simple!