Those quiet days as a web designer

written by Web designers London on September 24, 2012 in SEO and Web design with 4 comments


I’m pretty sure every freelance web designer has had those periods where they have just finished their last project; all is well we update our portfolio page…then what?

Well we know the wait for our next project could take any time so I thought I’d list a couple things I tend to do when I go through them quite spells.

Firstly I spend a bit of my time going through my own web site give it a little tinker about change a few bits around enough for Google to pick up there has been a change (stagnant sites do not favour too well in Google).
I also like to pay a bit more attention to Google Analytics and see what is going on with my targeted keywords and where my traffic is coming from and see what I can do to improve on it.

I also like to investigate new keywords that I can target that may grab some more traffic. I do this by using a similar method that I explained in choosing a domain name. I then build landing pages to pick up the relevant keywords.

I also like to take a look at web sites such as design contest where you can have a look at some people who require the services of a designer. You are free to submit your own design in order to win the bid this is another way to generate another form of income.

My favourite past time is to jump on to Photoshop and just tinker about there are plenty of tutorials about that give very good inspirations and very good advice you know the saying “practice makes perfect”. I have to give a big shout to Nathaniel at Tutvid and Corey Barker at Planet Photoshop these guys are truly awesome!

Would be glad to know what other web designers do when they go through them quite spells.