Web design prices

written by Web designers London on September 24, 2012 in Web design with 5 comments

As a web designer I find one of the hardest things to do is to give an accurate quote to each potential client the main reason being every project is different and takes different amounts of time and effort.

I normally find when I get a person email or call me with a slightly brief and vague description I know in the back of my head I am not the only web designer that this person has contacted let me draw out a scenario of a typical situation.

I receive a call from a bloke who really loves the look of my site and wants and expects one of the same quality for his new business. I firstly try and get a bit more information to give me a general idea of the final product and what it entails to get there. I always try and hold off giving a price until the next time we have contact. I am usually asked to give a ball park figure so I usually say from £500 to around £2000 as I need time to digest the requirements see my article dealing with a web design quote.

I usually hear that the bloke has already received a quote for around £350 and in this price the web site comes with a content management system C.M.S the moment I hear this I strait away know I can go nowhere near this price. At this point I am left with a few options firstly I explain that it sounds like the company giving the quote will use a premade template and can do the work by simple changing the text and web site images to suit the blokes business. I do my best to explain the service our company offers which is designing and building his web site from the ground up so the web site is bespoke and tailored to his companies needs. I fully understand that the bloke on the other end of the phone has no idea how much goes in to a web site and presumes it is just throwing a few images and a bit of text together and as most web designers know this is simply not the case.

I could also get in the business of producing premade templates as well to suit the needs of the people on limited budget which maybe one day we will but for now we like the fact we give complete bespoke web sites tailored to the client’s needs.

So do we count our losses and take on the project or do we stick to or guns and charge a fair for all price at the obvious risk of losing business? I personally feel we need to stick to our guns and not undercut ourselves as doing this would only lead us to be less interested in the web design project in hand which entail will show in the final standard of the finished product.

Let us know what you think and what do you do in these situations….