WordPress website checklist

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wordpress website checklist

We all know the great powers of WordPress, it is one of the most used and powerful blogging platforms out there. It also boasts the most helpful support community out there and endless plugins to enhance your WordPress website, why would you use any other?

So If you’re thinking of launching your WordPress website there are a few pointers to check to make sure your WordPress website is ready for the web.

Below we have listed a WordPress website checklist to help you get the most of your WordPress website.


wordpress checklist

Askinet is a wordpress plugin that is designed to stop the dreaded web spam. This WordPress plugin is a must! Unless of course you enjoy getting comments by Viagra companies.

This plugin is super simple to set up as this is already set up in your WordPress plugins folder all you have to do is click on activate.

Once you have done that, head over to the Askinet website and click on the “get WordPress key” you are then greeted with 3 boxes which contain your sign up options. Hint, the last one is free 😉


Once you signup you are given the Askinet key which you enter in the Askinet plugin page, that’s it you are now spam free. You now have more time to write great content posts rather then sieving through hundreds of endless annoying emails.



This is the most important thing you will do and I strongly recommend this is the first thing you do when you install WordPress. The permalinks are the address in the URL (uniform resource locator) bar e.g. www.yoursite.com/page-name.

By default WordPress has its default permalink set up which produces its own URLs which does no favours for SEO purposes.
So to correct this issue you need to go to the control panel on the left hand side and hover over the settings tab and click on permalinks.


If you click on custom structure and type in /%postname%/ and click on save changes, then you are done. We recommend you do this first because if you have pages settled in Google search engines with the URL structured to the WordPress permalinks default then decided to change the permalinks the old structure will pull up 404 not founds which is not a good thing for your websites SEO.

Notify me by email

Notify me by email

This is a great WordPress plugin that allows people to be notified by email to anybody who replies to a comment they may of posted.

To use this plugin you firstly you need to go to this website and download the plugin from Theme10.

You then upload the plugin to your plugins folder and activate it on your WordPress plugins page

To set up the options for this WordPress Plugin hover over the settings tab on the left hand control panel then click on “Comment Reply Notification” here you can modify your return email messages.

This WordPress plugin is a must to let your readers keep up to date with posts they have interest in.

Social sharing buttons

Social sharing buttons

We all know the power of social media, everyone is doing it! You would be crazy not to give your readers quick and easy access to share your well written post to their social community.

Well like most things there is a WordPress plugin for that. The one I use is by techxt.com you can download the plugin here

There are a couple ways to display the social sharing buttons once you have activated the plugin in the WordPress plugin section.

Firstly you can add the short code to each and every page and post, this is a simple process but means doing it every time you write an article and wish to display the social sharing buttons.
Just add the code [ social4i size=”large” align=”float-right” ] (* just remove the spaces)

The second way which is the way I prefer is to stick the PHP code strait into file in my case single.PHP. Just enter the code:
  echo display_social4i(“large”,”float-right”,”s4_fbshare”);

The settings can be adjusted in the plugin settings page.

Contact Form

Contact form

Having a contact page that gives potential clients a quick and simple means to contact you is a necessity this day and age, so having a contact form on your contact page is a must.

There is a great plugin to give you a nice clean contact form for your contact page. The Contact Form 7 plugin is perfect for your needs, you can download the plugin here.

Creating your contact form is a fairly simple process, in the left hand control panel after uploading and activating the Contact Form 7 you now have a new tab called contact.
Contact tab

Once you click on the contact tab you are greeted with the Contact Form 7 dashboard here is where you can create your custom contact form. You are able to create check boxes and input CAPTCHA verifications.

contact dashboard

Once you have created your contact form just click save and copy the short code and input the code where your wish to display your contact form.

SEO Plugin

meta details

There are an awful lot of plugins out there to allow you to add the keywords and Description META tags to all of your WordPress posts. This is vital plugin if you wish to stand a better chance ranking well in the search engines.

One of the SEO plugins is the All in one SEO pack once you upload and active this plugin you now have an extra section added to your page and post sections. In this section you can add your META details to keep your WordPress website SEO friendly.

Coming Soon

Coming soon

This plugin is very handy as I always like to work on all WordPress websites live, rather than working local and then transferring everything over to live.

With a coming soon WordPress pluging with a simple click of a button you are able to take your website offline for maintenance or other reasons while displaying a custom coming soon message.

The coming soon plugin I have used is brought to you by netchillies.com the plugin can be down loaded here.


Once you have your WordPress website setup and live always BACK UP your files this is a very simple process which can save you a lot of heartache in the future.

WordPress backup

To do this on the left control hover over tools and click on export. You are then greeted with a few options (see image above) you have the option to download an .XML file containing the complete WordPress website i.e. Pages, Posts and comments. Or you can just back up the posts or pages.


WordPress is a wonderful platform to use, once you get your head around it no doubt you will be hooked and build all future website projects in WordPress.

If you follow our WordPress checklist you are heading in the right direction, if you would like to know more about WordPress and its features you can head over to the WordPress website, or pop over to an expert blogger and WordPress Guru Rob Cubbon. Rob runs an excellent blog where he regularly writes about the joys of WordPress