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Ok this post is more of an annoyed rant than an informative blog. I have no idea just what has been going on with Yahoo of late. Over the past few months I have been having numerous issues with Yahoo acting differently and not displaying my emails correctly, plus having a number of server issues with mail being painfully slow to open and sometimes just completely crashing altogether.

With all this NSA spying on the civilians private data I just assumed they were adding their latest spying software into the Yahoo system. Anyway my frustration came to boiling point when I wanted to send a simple Youtube link to a friend of mine. I imputed the email address and pasted the link, then pressed send.

I was greeted with a warning box explaining:

There was a problem!
Please make your email more meaningful by adding some text.

Ummmm excuse me? Sorry, what if I choose not to send a “meaningful” message and am happy with the amount of content I put in this email? After all I opened up Yahoo to send the message, who the hell are Yahoo to impose a stop on my email sending until they deem my email meaningful?

Shame Yahoo did not impose a stop on the email sent to all on my contact list offering cheap Viagra when my account got hacked. Anyway rant over and f@£k you Yahoo, f@£k you very much!